About Us

About Us

Cultivate Safety and Serenity: Explore Dedicated Solutions Incorporation

Welcome to Dedicated Solutions Incorporation. We specialize in CCTV security solutions, park and pond beautification, civil works, vertical gardening, and street lighting. With a commitment to excellence, we create safer, more beautiful environments for our clients.

Drawing from over 12 years of excellence in surveillance solutions and civil works, Dedicated Solutions Incorporation has been a trusted partner in enhancing outdoor spaces. From beautifying parks and ponds to installing open gym equipment and crafting children’s playgrounds, our diverse portfolio showcases our dedication to creating vibrant and safe community environments. With a passion for sculpting work and more, we continue to innovate and exceed expectations in every project we undertake.

Building Staffs

Our building staff ensures safety and efficiency, making our premises a welcoming place for all.

History Emphasis

preserving the past for future generations

Economic Outcomes

fostering prosperity and sustainability for all