Home Automation

Electricity transformed households in the 1920’s, allowing it to power lights, heating systems and appliances. PC’s were introduced in the 1980’s, changing the way we manages our lives. Smart phones arrived in 2006, bringing the world to our fingertips. However, at the end of the day, we still manage our homes as if we were living in the 1920s!

Think about it…

If you can watch a favorite TV show on your phone, why can’t you dim the living room lights using the same phone?

If home security systems can detect an intruder, why can’t you see if the garage door is locked on your flat screen?


Audio | Video | Home Theater


Enjoy media easily with integrated audio & video systems

ATSS digitizes, sorts and stores DVDs, CDs, pictures, and digital media files in a central server right in your home. Flat panels and speakers are camouflaged for a clean look. We eliminate unsightly wires, power strips, and unnecessary remote controls. These features combined will change your entertainment experience for a lifetime. There is no compromise between enjoying movies and music and having a clutter free décor.

Audio & video systems can incorporate broadcast media, also having the ability to integrate it with an existing security system if desired.

Enjoy your favorite song in the kitchen, instead of blasting it in the living room and missing the majority of it cause of the loud dishwasher that is running.

Want to finish watching a movie in another room? Take your movie with you without having to deal with a DVD player.

Did you hear something in the driveway? Turn on your flat screen and see if there are any uninvited guests trespassing.